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  • The goal of this Wikispace is to provide a venue for easy-uploading of professional development courses and information for NPS staff
  • Pages are developed for a number of workshops and can be accessed following each course for reference
  • Participants in PD workshops will be invited to join the space so that they can acquire technology CEUs through independent work
  • Collaboration is encouraged!

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I just added a section for articles on timely subjects (today's - Clickjacking) and they can be found by accessing the Technology Articles link in the navigation bar. I'll be updating this section soon.

Posted by KU - March 31, 2011

Project SWIRL - Integrated Day Program at Moriarty School´╗┐Technology Integration - Using Mobile Laptop Labs´╗┐September 24, 2010
Teachers in the Moriarty School's Integrated Day program will be learning to enhance their curriculum through the use of mobile laptop lab. As they learn to use this technology that is very new to their school, they will incorporate the research format of WebQuest with the research models they have used in the past to develop innovative new projects for their students. The grade 4/5 classes will serve as mentors for the 2/3 students as they combine their problem solving skills through inquiry-based learning.

The day for the teacher's PD is itself structured around the Bernie Dodge WebQuest design. The link in the navigation bar will access the day's activities.

Posted by Karen Urgitis
September 23, 2010

external image updatedrainbow_sm.jpg21st Century Learning Environments Professional Development

June 21 and June 22, 2010 Teachers' Memorial Middle School
August 24 and 25, 2010 Teachers' Memorial Middle School

Workshop developed for teachers participating in the Federal Enhancing Education Through Technology - 21st Century Learning Environments
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Update - Independent Study Process

NPS recognizes that professional development takes place in many formats and not just the traditional workshop venue. We know that meaningful PD can also be acquired through online learning and independent study. This is the process that should be followed when pursuing technology PD CEUs through online learning:
1. Attend a face-to-face awareness session via after school workshop, release time during the school day, or at a summer institute or program.
2. Meet with district's technology coordinator to develop a plan for independent study that will extend the learning that was acquired through the face-to-face session/s.
3. Work on your own to complete your program - technology coordinator is available to assist as needed.
4. Develop a lesson plan that can be shared via this collaborative space.
5. Complete necessary forms and email documentation to technology coordinator who will verify completion of the activity and submit forms to CEU coordinator.
~Download Eval form to complete at end of activity

Posted by Karen Urgitis - March 9, 2010

Successful Practices Lessons

2009 - 2010 School Year
Over the course of 8 days of training offered by our local RESC, LEARN, 7 teachers received 4 days of training, 9 teachers received 1 day of training, and 4 teachers received 2 days of training. As a result of their training, several outstanding lessons were created. This is a list of the lessons and the teacher who contributed the lesson for submission to Successful Practices.

Teacher Name: Susan Makowicki
Lesson Plan: Math Strand 15
SmartNotebook Lesson: Math Strand 15

Teacher Name: Dawn Combies
Lesson Plan: Choose Your Operation - Math Strand 5
SmartNotebook Lesson: Choose Your Operation - Math Strand

Posted by Karen Urgitis - March 8, 2010

Library Technical Assistants Professional Development

March 25, 2010 at Wequonnoc School in Taftville

Agenda and online lessons

Posted by Karen Urgitis - March 8, 2010